Security Architecture as a Service (SAaaS)

At Redbud, we know the best Cyber Security solutions require strategic cybersecurity architecture. We provide talented and experienced Security Architects making use of a set of solid templates with known security best practices. As a result, you get a known quantity with regards to your Security Architecture with work products that can be depended on to be of the highest quality.


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Outsourced Security Architecture

The entire point of business is to focus on what you do best. Your job is to focus on your business. Our job is to focus on Security Architecture. Let us be your Security Architecture team. We can work in your architecture practice or provide:


Architecture Governance

  • Architecture Governance includes Policy and Standard Templates, Internal Redbud Architecture Review Board Exemption / Exception handling, Architecture Management, and metrics

Architecture Strategy

  • Strategy templates, Reference Enterprise Architecture, Reference Security Architecture, interaction with LoBs, Whitepapers, Reference Libraries, Guidance documents

Project Architecture

  • Project templates covering Requirements gathering, RTM, High Level Architecture
  • Research Library of white papers and documents collected on various architecture areas since the turn of the Millennium (2000)

Enterprise / Solution Security Architects

Tired of the big Consulting firms or your Outsourcer not providing solutions that meet your needs and only looking out for their own best interests? At Redbud, we don’t come to the table with pre-packaged offerings built around one vendor. We develop solutions that meet your specific needs.

Bring in our Solution Security Architects and
we’ll put together a solution for you. We will:

Collect Business Requirements
using a process known to work

Turn those requirements into
Functional and Non-Functional

Develop an Architecture that
meets those requirements

Review the Architecture with
your team and make the
appropriate changes


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