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Why Cyber Security Needs its Own Recruiting Category

The demand for Cyber Security professionals is unprecedented. The bad guys aren't going away any time soon. As long as technology evolves, so too will the cracks in technology continue to be exploited. Universities are producing educated Cyber pros at breakneck speed but not experienced Cyber professionals. In demand are those who have already seen combat. The vets; heroes that have seen a sufficient number of cyber ground-wars.

Traditionally, Cyber Security talent (aka "Information Security" talent) has fallen under the category of "IT" (Information Security) and rightly so. However, the sub-speciality of CyberSec has become so huge its time for recruiters to specialize.

The challenge for recruiters is understanding the nuances of what a hiring manager is looking for in his or her next Cyber hire. Its difficult enough to understand all the different flavors of IT gurus. Add to that literally scores of Cyber sub-specialities and its no wonder HR's inbox is filled with so many mis-qualified resumes.

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