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How More Representation in Pop Culture Can Help the Cyber Security Industry

Cyber security attacks have been an ongoing problem in this technology driven world. Attacks are being launched against everyone from large corporations to single individuals. The result of these can have a tremendous negative economic impact on a victim. As the number of cyber threats continue to grow, the industry could use some help recruiting skilled professionals. With the lack of representation in pop culture, many might not have realized this career was an option. Seeing more of this industry in everyday media can help introduce it to a new audience.

One way to create more interest is to have a stronger representation in the media. Television is a great platform to showcase this career and the lifestyle it comes with.  With an increase in crime preventing based tv shows, there has been a lack in cybersecurity specific programing. Creating more exposure to the industry can introduce the possibility to new people. Recruitment in this field could be of great help in combating this cybercrime and preventing large scale security breaches.

Social media plays an integral part in people’s everyday lives. Using this platform to market the cyber security industry can be a new way to spread the message about a career in this field. To reach a new generation, using the channels they use daily, can be the ideal place to bring their attention to this profession.

There are companies who don’t take the necessary interest in their cyber security team. They often overlook this important department to focus on other areas. Generating a curiosity can lead to developing a surplus of professionals, and companies placing a larger importance in his department. No matter the size of the company, everyone is susceptible to an attack. Cyber-attacks have plagued numerous institutions. Target stores, Equifax, JP Morgan Chase, and Charlotte Department of Transportation are among several data servers who have been hit with a security breach in recent years, proving no one is fully safe from a possible attack. With society moving towards a more technology dependent culture, creating a stronger cyber security industry can be the difference between trying to repair a breach and blocking it before it strikes.

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