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We empower our clients by helping them hire
top‑performing cybersecurity talent.

We empower our clients by helping them hire top‑performing cybersecurity talent



Redbud Cybersecurity Recruiting is one of the top nationwide recruitment agencies. We help top companies hire the best people.

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People We Place

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Cloud Security Architect

Digital Forensics

Ethical / White Hat Hacker

Governance Compliance & Risk Manager

Incident Management Specialists

Information Assurance Analyst

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Manager / Director

IT Security Architect

Malware Analyst

Network Security Administrator

Penetration Tester

Security Auditor

Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst / Manager

Threat Hunter

Vulnerability Assessment Specialist


Ready for your next cyber opportunity? One with more challenge, more job satisfaction, more money, or with an organization that takes cybersecurity seriously? We speak the language of cybersecurity and can help you narrow your search.


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